Evan Cole on the map

Evan Cole on the map

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Evan Cole

We are happy to announce a new busker on the map. Evan Cole made it to the Hollywood show on American Idol. Now he is back home developing his unique performance style. evan-cole-american-idolYou can see him busking at the home plate entrance to Busch Stadium when the Cardinals are at home in St.Louis, Missouri. It’s easy to find Busch Stadium on our map. Just look for his big blue…

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St Louis Curbs High Permit Fees For Now

Judge rules on fees, no ruling on auditions.

ST. LOUIS (AP) Reports that U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry ruled that the fee of $100 not be enforced until it can be considered on July 12th when the motion for preliminary injunction is resolved. See the full document on Scribd.

There was no mention of the new rule concerning auditions but the American Civil Liberties Union indicates that is still a part of their suit against the city.

READ MORE IN http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Street-performers-win-injunction-in-St-Louis-4556776.php

World Street Culture Under Attack from Lazy Government

What is the state of the art of Street Culture? Just when it was looking like street artists and buskers were enjoying an upsurge of public support and interest around the world it now becomes clear that the same issues successfully being resolved in cities such as London, York, Somerville, Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere are being inflamed by apparently repressive minded governments in places long thought of as street culture havens such as San Francisco, New York and Dublin.

One of the large issues that both sides are reluctant to debate but which lies at the heart of the street culture movement is quality of craft and where the best performers should perform. To address this issue bureaucrats have begun to mandate auditions for politicians.

Today a Vancouver publication ran an  editorial.  It is in The Province; http://blogs.theprovince.com “Governments should quit hassling buskers” In the piece the author asks what business is it of the government judging talent contest and deciding who can perform on their streets and who cannot. By the way, whose streets are these anyway? We agree in part with The Province that a way needs to be found for the free market of ideas should decide what people want to experience on their streets. For more insight on the Vancouver and Granville Island debacle taking place in READ The Tyee.

Dublin today is deciding on whether to adopt new rules and abandon the voluntary code of conduct currently in force.

  • Artists cannot use flames or objects such as knives, swords or axes
  • Performances must take place within 10 feet of the outer edge of a building
  • Musicians cannot use amps that are more than 15 watts
  • Drums are prohibited
  • No street performances allowed between 11pm and 11am, with the exception of Temple Bar and Grafton St where performances can continue until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays
  •  Punishments include a fine of €75 which can rise to €1,500 if not paid on time

It is now about 7pm in Dublin the laws as stated here will kill areas of good busking in Dublin, and impose a more artificially manipulated less vital culture.

St Louis is also about to enact a similar set of unworkable and lazy laws for the convenience of bureaucrats and the inconvenience of the people.

Performer Politics Portends Precarious Precedents

St Louis is the latest city with politicians who want to be talent judges of the masses charged with the responsibility to decide, who will be able to perform on the oh so important city streets,  which is their charge.

Five hours ago the Editorial Board of the St Louis Post Dispatch online edition published am article addressing the apparent need of St. Louis Streets Department administrator Mike Hulsey to judge the eligibility of any busker that desires to be St Louis Permit worthy. Read Article

external image 3D-Movies.jpgBut the same thing goes on in other cities as well, New York City, London UK, Australia New Zealand, Malaysia, all over. At this early stage of the intensified interest in Street Culture, it would be preposterous to to assume that this current crop of politicians wants to control the politics of the messages of street artists. But what if one of them did and had the power to do it? Setting the precedent now will create the future that a free street needs in order to survive. Unfortunately there is no way to keep a politician from telling you what is bad once you have given them the power to tell you what is good.

The street can be a wild place sometimes so keep it safe out there.



ACLU Representing St Louis Street Performers

The City of St Louis has a law that makes it a problem to perform on the streets of St Louis that two performers have decided to challenge. The performers are Fred Walker, 70, of St. Louis County, and Nick Pence, 21, who is a Webster University student. The fee for the permit is $100 and the City if St Louis wants to make anyone who performs on the street audition.

Read more in the St Louis Post Dispatch


As is the case every year the 2013 Carnival/Mardi Gras was celebrated enthusiastically all over the world.

NETHERLANDS Maastricht DichtbijMaastricht Dichtbij

Why are we so high on the Carnival and Mardi Gras festivals?

PARIS mos debmos deb

The Carnival season is the best example of individuals and organizations transforming the street and creating art and spectacle one by one and together through ritual, music,dance costumes parades, floats, art, food and countless other expressions of personal joy and organized art.

 MARTINIQUE CARIBBEAN Paul AssouviePaul Assouvie

We hope that the spirit of Carnival/Mardi Gras will carry forward and inspire people to create art, beauty and freedom on the street in their daily lives as well as group events large and small throughout the year throughout the world, transforming the street from merely a functional utility of transportation and shopping, into a perpetually changing and evolving medium reflecting the best in human public creative expression.

Venice Italycongaspotcongaspot

We hope you were able to take the opportunity to join in the fun in 2013. If not just check out these videos and see if you are inspired to take part in 2014