Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

 – Busker laws in U.S. cities tighten up

 –  Four U.S. cities revisiting their busker laws. The goal is to organize without inhibiting first amendment rights. Two cities are embracing busking and creating ways to optimize the street performers presence.

Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

OCTOBER 25, 2015 BY (EDIT)

busker laws Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

Fremont Street Experience file photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images…

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One Man Band from Boston in second Video this week

I wish I would have posted that video I saw this week now but it wasn’t as good as this one. I am generally not a big fan of one man bands because somehow in trying to get all the different sounds in the arrangement the overall performance seems to suffer. This one is not so bad and reasonably entertaining. In fact the mechanism he uses to create all the sound is very ingenious.

You can officially call Myra the first guest to contribute a…

You can officially call Myra the first guest to contribute a Pocket Change Lifestyle.  She’s not just a follower, she is a contributor!  

Myra Dettelbach-

If you happen to be walking through the Boston Commons on your way to Newbury street, you might find yourself seeing this guy. Located at the end of the bridge you cross where they filmed parts of “Good Will Hunting,” this man is set up with his dog, hats and CD’s laid out for $15. Greeting everyone with a smile, he doesn’t sing, he just plays his (Max-you gotta check what instrument?) A girl walked by with a  ”Berklee College of Music” sweatshirt and he smiled and stopped her to ask if she attended there, he then went on to say “That’s great, music is the best thing.” It was nice to pause and just see how he interacted with people who passed him by. He’s accompanied by his guard dog.  

(Picture and description Courtesy of Myra Dettelbach)

Myra Dettelbach-  “Season Grey” Walking about half way down…

Myra Dettelbach- 

“Season Grey”

Walking about half way down Newbury street, I saw this group of guys playing guitars, drums and a banjo. I stopped to hear their music because it reminded me of a country band “Love & Theft.” This group, “Season Grey”, started to have about twenty people gathered around taking pictures and clapping. Their style was country which was ironic to be walking down Newbury street. With amazing harmonies and talent, these guys will hopefully make it far. The crowd really seemed to be enjoying their music and most importantly the group of guys looked like they were loving every second of it.

(Pictures and description Courtesy of Myra Dettelbach)