Public Space fights in Dublin and Indiana

Public Space fights in Dublin and Indiana

Public space culture war

Busking Noise and Street Art censored
Struggle to optimize public space

Public space is every which way these days. It is vertical, horizontal and inside out. Agreeing on a standard of weights and measures to better regulate public ambiance is daunting at best.

Out goes the bad and in comes the good; we hope

public space Zombieart-smallspaces-indianaWho should say what goes up on a wall that is in outdoor public…

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Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Street art politics in the news   —

Two stories of creation and destruction of street art in Hong Kong and Lafayette. Played out for two different reasons.. But the questions being raised are the same.

Commentary ; Focus on culture and government  –

Everyone in Hong Kong China and Lafayette Indiana, asks, whose culture is it and who decides? Street art once again appears along vital social fault…

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The sound of music festivals is in the air

Everyone and their brother is having a street music festival with big names and small on their stages. There is a good chance that you can walk to one this year as they are taking over streets all over the world.  Here are a few articles on some events making news.