Your Top Ten Video Picks; YouTube views for

Your Top Ten Video Picks; YouTube views for

Your Top Ten Video Picks

Thanks for Watching   — Your Top Ten Video Picks Include, our first video – Many from this year   –  Street I am history is reflected in Your Top Ten Video Picks. For 2 years street I Am has been developing this publication in the internet shadows. It began with an inspirational stroll down the Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, CA, USA. This is currently the number 10…

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Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

German street musicians hit the beach   —
Denmantau – A sophisticated musical joyride   —

Denmantau has as their ultimate goal, to be the first band to perform on the moon. denmantauDenmantau rocks with velocity. Their musical power may very well be enough to propel them there. But have they considered what the working conditions might be for the first USO type show on the moon. The show likely would be…

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Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

SETV is Street Entertainment TV
Street I Am will search LA till Christmas   –
Denmantau, Seis Cuerdas and Juggler Pablo Paniagua   among the best LA buskers   –

We search to find the best LA buskers. We are at the beach lately because quite frankly, it is too hot to be anywhere else. SETV started out in Hollywood but was disappointed overall when we went to shoot the street. Our beach excursions…

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Piano Player at Venice Beach – Epic busker art

Piano Player at Venice Beach – Epic busker art

Surrealistic portrait of a beach busker icon  –
PIANO PLAYER AT VENICE BEACH – Beckoning Elijah Series by Michele Bramlett ‏@MicheleBramlett Michele Bramlett  –
Nathan; Always across from the Sidewalk Cafe, Ocean Front Walk, N. of Windward , LA, CA, USA  –

This picture captures the epic, impossible and fanciful presence of Nathan the  Venice Beach piano player.  –

PIANO PLAYER AT VENICE BEACHI have had the personal good…

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The day after the horrendous murder by a deranged man driving into the people on Venice beach that killed an Italian tourist on her honeymoon and injured 11 others, the Venice Beach band Street Smart inspires us with Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Street Smart is lead with power and conviction by Peter Demian on guitar and vocal and features the world-class talent of world-famous Venice Beach street musician Nathan on the piano and Louie Garcia on drums.

\Peter Demian  hails from Canada and has been playing on Venice Beach for 25 years. On a good day he  will bring in somewhere in the neighborhood of of 60 to 80 dollars. In Ontario Canada when he first started out he played with Paul Shaffer now on the Letterman show and opened for many of the great pop bands of the 60’s and seventies such as the Who and others. He moved to the US living and playing in Detroit and Canada for a time before settling in Venice Beach and playing for visitors from all over the world.

Nathan is considered by many who know him to be a virtuoso possible genius who has been playing since early childhood and freely mixes classical jazz and rock almost simultaneously. He has played in many bands and done many gigs including a tour with the 60’s psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly well known for their hit “In A Godda Da Vida”
Mr Demian’s contact info is his cell phone

Venice Beach CA Hit Hard by Messed Up Driver

Venice Beach CA Hit Hard by Messed Up Driver

One of the Street Culture capitals of the world in Los Angeles CA was rocked badly on Saturday August 3rd by an apparently blood thirsty driver who drove his car at up to 60 miles an hour along the peaceful pedestrian walkway and into the crowd of people enjoying one of the most unique places in all the world where street culture meets everything else at the edge of the water.

11 people were injured and 1 person died in the private terrorist exercise of this deranged individual.

As of yet no motive for the attack is known.

Street Culture lives on and thankfully no more than a handful of folks were messed up by this act which could have been worse as there were over 100,000 people enjoying the beach when it occured.

We morn the loss of another innocent. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all affected.

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