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Street Entertainment TV is going live on street I Am every week on the streets of Southern California to bring you a daily dose of the amazing talent on the streets of LA LA Land. street Entertainment TV will not rest untill we have found every talented street performeran d broadcast them live as they are performing, for…

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Live from Hollywood

The Stars of the Show on our first live broadcast on Street I am TV was An Ivy League Summer” one of the best groups you will have an opportunity to see on the streets this year. Be sure to catch them in action by checking their schedule on their Facebook Page.The broadcast  took place on July 10th this year and is planned to be only the first of many more. We will also be doing live broadcasts from the beach Pasadena and Universal Studios CityWalk

An Ivy League Summer” performs their original song on Hollywood Blvd

Here as some other takes from our broadcast.

A short interview and slice of the life of the Incredible Hulk costumed character on Hollywood Blvd.

Street I Am TV Ashtray bangs the buckets live Street I Am TV

On our first performance of our first broadcast from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ashtray beats out a rhythm on the buckets as he does almost every day on Hollywood Blvd CA. Special shout out and thanks to Ashtray for giving out first upload his special touch.
to contact Ashtray you can email him at

Costume Character Creep Kops Cash

Giving a bad reputation to the costumed characters that actually do care that the tourists on Hollywood Blvd have a good time this guy, (we assume it is a guy) dressed as spiderman steals from a 90 year old Starline tours guy the amount of $6000.

Some of the characters that work out there all the time are actively looking for the phony spidy, not wanting to have any more aspersions cast on the activity of costume character posing. Although some performers have been known to have fist fights with one another over sidewalk turf, no robberies of this kind have happened since 2009.

2 article on the incident are in The Los Angeles Times and Mail Online


Daniel Taylor Street I Am Writer

Are costumed characters really street artists?

Many people in Times Square NYC are asking this question as street character Elmo is accused of groping a tourist, the Cookie Monster charged with shoving a child, and Spiderman accused of punching a woman.041113tips.jpg

The Times Square Alliance counted 52 costumed characters in Times Square on a recent evening, and Alliance president Tim Tompkins says one of his staffers was groped by one of them.

Without a doubt costumed characters are a wonderful attraction for children and since many travelers bring their kids along on vacation, in general it can be a fun part of the visit to many tourist destinations.

Long a fixture in many amusement parks these costumed characters are beginning to show up in increasing numbers in public areas like Times Square NYC and Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles. But who are these people, are they really artists, what are their rights and what are the rights of the artists and companies who own the rights to the characters they dress up as? If I was a Marvel or Disney executive in charge of protecting the integrity of my creative property I would welcome some the of performers who enhance the brand and want to arrest the low life cheap dirty costumed bums.

Though I have not met the people on Times Square I have experienced many of the costumed individuals on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They run the gamut from seedy as hell to delightful and welcoming. Some of them are nothing more than creeps in cheap costume and others are really artists who take pride in getting and wearing, or sometimes even making a great costume. These are artists who take a great deal of effort to get the make up mannerisms and performance level as perfect as possible.

Here is an example of a performer who does a very workmanlike job portraying Jimi Hendrix. He gets the performance as close as anyone could and takes pride in his effort.

I met another gentleman on Hollywood Blvd who does an amazing job as the Mad Hatter makes his own costume, does great makeup and was gracious to all. madhatter

And then their were the two Pirates who were also amazing people who took great pains to pose in their hand-made costume.pirateses and self-styled makeup, making sure that they gave everyone the best picture they could deliver and genuinely wanting the people who they worked with leave with the best memory possible.

No question by any standard three examples are truly performers and artists and are really working to create an enjoyable experience for the Hollywood visiting public. But what about the others.

Many are in cheap dirty knock off costumes that are an embarrassment to the creative genius that bore them. Many will swear at you if you so much as point a camera anywhere in the vicinity of their direction. Some are even pitiable in their rudeness and low life ways. They may have constitutional rights but do they have a right to be vulgar and menacing to folks who do not have extra change to pay for their drug habit simply because they took a picture of a tourist area and could not avoid getting them in the shot as they moved into camera range.

This is all going to require some sorting out but communities with costumed characters need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

HENDRIX OF HOLLYWOOD Hollywood Blvd Los AngelesLooks like sounds…


Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles

Looks like sounds like. Could be his brother. In this video he performs The Wind Cries Mary.
He performs as part of the informal costume character cavalcade that shows up on the Walk of Fame everyday to pose with tourists for money.
He is very nice and will pose with you if you want but unlike the rest of the costumed performers on the Hollywood Blvd he also sounds and plays like the Rock god himself.