Six Juxtapoz scene reports for six cities

Six Juxtapoz scene reports for six cities

Juxtapoz Exclusive: An Interview with Banksy about Dismaland

Is this the year you see the greatest street art on earth?

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Hillary Clinton Street Art Good Bad & Ugly

Hillary Clinton Street Art Good Bad & Ugly

 Hillary Clinton Street Art Pro and Con

As regular readers of Street I Am know, one of the things we have observed is how a careful look at stree art can be an indication of things to come. In Egypt for example after the Arab spring, a look at the street art going upon Cairo walls left no doubt that Mohamed Morsi was not well liked. A quick Google search today reveals the same about Hillary in…

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Your Top Ten Video Picks; YouTube views for

Your Top Ten Video Picks; YouTube views for

Your Top Ten Video Picks

Thanks for Watching   — Your Top Ten Video Picks Include, our first video – Many from this year   –  Street I am history is reflected in Your Top Ten Video Picks. For 2 years street I Am has been developing this publication in the internet shadows. It began with an inspirational stroll down the Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, CA, USA. This is currently the number 10…

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Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Serious fun with Margaret   —
One man band is fun and great – Obama net is just serious   –

A lot of heart and soul on the busking side from Margaret Cho today.  An outstanding one man band from another street gets some props too. Meanwhile, street culture coverage of busking on our net, may become a matter of government discretion soon. But don’t worry. Obama says everything is gonna be alright.

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Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Not your fathers street preacher   —
New Christian pop Up churches feature music, theater and debate  –

Jesus’s teaching of the “Golden Rule” has influenced Christian thought and our laws pertaining to the rights of man. It has led to laws based a citizen’s ability to live according to another man’s law while having the right to debate the law. Even to join with others and act to change the law.…

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Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

German street musicians hit the beach   —
Denmantau – A sophisticated musical joyride   —

Denmantau has as their ultimate goal, to be the first band to perform on the moon. denmantauDenmantau rocks with velocity. Their musical power may very well be enough to propel them there. But have they considered what the working conditions might be for the first USO type show on the moon. The show likely would be…

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Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

SETV is Street Entertainment TV
Street I Am will search LA till Christmas   –
Denmantau, Seis Cuerdas and Juggler Pablo Paniagua   among the best LA buskers   –

We search to find the best LA buskers. We are at the beach lately because quite frankly, it is too hot to be anywhere else. SETV started out in Hollywood but was disappointed overall when we went to shoot the street. Our beach excursions…

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Busker Fest Long Beach; Little Big Fest

Busker Fest Long Beach; Little Big Fest

Long Beach Locals Impress on SETV – –
Great talent, food and fun at Busker Fest Long Beach  –

Busker Fest Long beach celebrated its 6th year yesterday with 3 stages of music from 5pm till 10pm. The music was great and nonstop. busker fest long beachFrom the end of the last note of the preceding band the first note of the next band on another stage began. Busker Fest Long Beach also had some great food  The 1 block…

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