Evan Cole on the map

Evan Cole on the map

What’s New on the Map
Evan Cole

We are happy to announce a new busker on the map. Evan Cole made it to the Hollywood show on American Idol. Now he is back home developing his unique performance style. evan-cole-american-idolYou can see him busking at the home plate entrance to Busch Stadium when the Cardinals are at home in St.Louis, Missouri. It’s easy to find Busch Stadium on our map. Just look for his big blue…

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New Busker & events on Street Culture Map

New Busker & events on Street Culture Map

The World Street Culture Map is growing. Today we added a new busker in PA, one in San Francisco and events in MI, the UK, and New Zealand.
Holland’s Downtown Performance Series Extends Hours

New Busker

Street Performer photo courtesy of Flickr/Midwest Communications. HOLLAND, MI (WHTC) – Everything from musicians, jugglers, dancers and over 100 different performing artists will fill the streets of…

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Such a beautiful costume. #Repost @quinn_fitzgerald_photography…

Such a beautiful costume. #Repost @quinn_fitzgerald_photography with @repostapp
A couple of days ago I was walking through Pike Place Market, like I often do. And I saw this one women who was being as still as possible so as to appear like a statue. I decided to take this photo, since the theme of her outfit and the lighting seemed to mesh well. It was an interesting photo, and unlike one that I’ve really done before. Please like or comment!!! 🙂 #seattlestreets #person #streetperformer #pikeplacemarket #seattle #seattlelife #outside #city #citylife #street #blackandwhite #portrait #ambientlight #naturallight #oldtimes #victorian #photography #buskco #buskerlife #buskingisnotacrime #streetperformer #streetartist #busk #busking #streetphotography #2015 #busker4life #freebusking #busk #StreetPerforming #busker #streetshow

Crony Capitalist Culture & Amazon Public Nazi Art

Crony Capitalist Culture & Amazon Public Nazi Art

When Public Art Goes Bad $$$

Are you kidding me? Crony Capitalist Culture Conspiracy?! First of all, am I supposed to believe that this is hate speech? Don’t you know that this is what people in business call marketing?  – – Dumb Ass!

Amazon Under Fire After Covering NYC Subways With Nazi Symbols
Crony Capitalist Culture Amazon Under Fire After Covering NYC Subways With Nazi Symbols

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) An ad campaign for a new Amazon series that decked out the…

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