Latest Street Entertainment videos going viral + more

Latest Street Entertainment videos going viral + more

Two of the latest street busking videos getting millions of views in only days –
Professional stage performers take to the street w/amazing buskers + new street stars –
A jam session at a super market entrance and the Michigan Bumblebee “Transformer”  –

2 viral videos this week top the latest street entertainment picks. This first video has gone viral to the tune of 9 million + in less than 6…

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Hot new busker videos – International Street Stars

Hot new busker videos – International Street Stars

Hot new videos from some up and coming street entertainment professionals –
NEW TREND – More buskers creating their own YouTube channels –

Every week around Wednesday or so Street I Am gets curious and starts looking for hot new busker videos that we have not seen before. We especially look for videos released within the last week or so, Seems like a lot of times when we do this, a theme emerges.…

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What did the #Buskers do to Scotland?


It seems that the buskers of Glasgow Scotland may have really upset some of the government types there, as officials are planning to seek retribution during the Commonwealth Games, by rounding  all the performers up and clearing them off the streets.

Oh sure it is fine to have them around the rest of the year. They are good for business you know. They give the place a more festive and alive sort of feeling. But when the games are in town well then all bets are off. READ THE EVENING TIMES Busking at George Square and Merchant City are out of boundsSTREET I AM humbly suggests that with all the current interest in busking festivals the Commonwealth Games would be a great place to have one. Hey gotta do something with those street artists. At least you will be able to keep track of them there. So what do you say there public officials, do something nice for free streets and someday free streets will do something nice for you.

Scum steal from 15 year old Busker

Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist Murdo Mitchell was robbed while doing a street performance in Glasgow. Stolen was his signature red Ozark guitar which is featured on all of his work and on which he wrote all of his songs including the one featured here from his official YouTube channel.  His amp, microphone, and lead sheets were also ripped off which means that he can no longer busk until he can replace it all which does not seem likely for a while. According to the Evening times; The theft happened on Thursday between 8-11pm near the Halt Bar in Woodlands Road, where Murdo’s dad, John, 47, organizes stand-up comedy gigs. Since it happened at the bar their is a chance that insurance will pay for it but they are checking into that now.

The guitar case that had the guitar in it had the words Advertise Here painted on it. That was the name of his band. If anyone sees it please let him know.