Latest Street Entertainment videos going viral + more

Latest Street Entertainment videos going viral + more

Two of the latest street busking videos getting millions of views in only days –
Professional stage performers take to the street w/amazing buskers + new street stars –
A jam session at a super market entrance and the Michigan Bumblebee “Transformer”  –

2 viral videos this week top the latest street entertainment picks. This first video has gone viral to the tune of 9 million + in less than 6…

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Banksy walls, the tale of two charities

Banksy walls, the tale of two charities

Banksy reveals favorite charity? Bristol youth club gifted –
Organization receives Banksy’s art on plywood fastened to their building –
Detroit 555 Non-profit considers how to proceed with their disputed Banksy walls –

Anyone who thinks that this one of the two Banksy walls in Bristol wasn’t placed there to be sold at auction isn’t appreciating the logistics. Since “Mobile Lovers” was painted on…

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