Keep On Busking In The EU ?

Keep On Busking In The EU ?

This week UK voters face a big decision in the EU referendum. I wondered what are the main issues surrounding busking and street art ?

Does the EU protect our busking rights?

Will it make any difference at all for buskers? Is it an issue that will only effect buskers that venture abroad ? The decision is very difficult because the arguments are very complex.

Nobody owns a crystal ball and it is…

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Linda Simpson – A Life In Music

Linda Simpson – A Life In Music

It is almost 2 years to the day since I first met Linda Simpson I had just finished busking The Frankfurt Market in Birmingham and was on My way home. I spotted a very slight female busker who had a great sound and rig so I went over to say ” Hello ” She told me her name was Linda Simpson. We briefly discussed our respective days and I remember being surprised a woman half my size had carried so…

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Introducing Tony Scott – Progression Over Degeneration

Introducing Tony Scott – Progression Over Degeneration

” Humans evolve through challenge ” Eckhart TolleAnthony-scott-1

I knew from a very young age that Music was My calling. I just had a magnetic pull towards it. Hearing Bob Dylan for the first time is one of My most vivid memories. I knew it was something I wanted to be able to do.
As a teenager I practised a lot . It was always a struggle working all day and trying to put in 4 hours practice daily. Then there was…

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Anthony Scott, Birmingham Busker Moving Up

Anthony Scott, Birmingham Busker Moving Up

The Discord Dissipates  and the Music Remains

– Anthony Scott wants all of his fans to know that the music goes on. The learning experience of the last 6 weeks is fueling his creative juices and performance energy, even as we speak. Here is our report 6 weeks ago based on an article in the Birmingham Mail.

Birmingham Busker turf war defames Tony Scott

anthony scott - Birmingham Busker turf war defames Tony ScottHard life leads to hard words – In May…

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