10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

Barriers to street culture easing world wide

Three stories on how street culture, including busking and street art on three different fronts are making historic progress.

Ruling class vs servant class – 10-16-14

In Detroit there is a fight over who should dictate the aesthetics of the city. Apparently the Mayor who is a Democrat believes the government should…

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Video; Genji Buskers – “Apokalips”, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur crew on world stage

Genji Buskers – Apokalips

Ezwan Rohman·released a series of new videos from his new busking project on the Ezwan Rohman· YouTube channel. Ezwan not only posts video on YouTube but also busks for a living and in this video he is performing with the Genji Buskers and some other local musicians. He is the one singing and playing the guitar left-handed. The Genji Buskers is one of 3 bands that Ezwan Rohman·busks with. His latest video release project focuses on his bands and their music. In the last month he has released 8 new videos. Apokalips is video number 6. Apokalips is a song written by Singapore born, Malaysian legendary singer/songwriter M.Nasir. He was also a busker in the 80’s before he formed a rock band of his own.

And what about the Genji Buskers and the other musicians performing in the video Ezwan says “all of the people in the video are friends and buskers . some of them are from other groups but we think that merging all the groups together for a short session would be more interesting . Some just playing along with us and trying to fit in the music that we play…”

When asked about the language in the song, he speaks of his city Kuala Lumpur, “The language is called Malay. Malaysian are the people ( which consists of Malay , Chinese and Indian .And what is the song about?  “The song is mainly about self-consciousness about life , karma and everyday feelings . Sometimes we’re up , sometimes we’re down . roughly its about that , i can’t explain it thoroughly as the songwriter applies classic Malay literature to all of his songs”,

Here is the video performed by M.Nasir. You can read the words and pick up a little of the meaning from the few English words in the song. Video posted by Mai Lanun Mai Lanun

In Kuala Lumpur quality street performing is encouraged, licenses are easy to get so everyone who performs on the street has one. However as with anywhere busking is a risky profession. Ezwan has been street performing since 2010 when he called it quits with his job at the bank to pursue street performing and music full-time. Now he hopes to make a living by creating and sharing what he loves. The Genji Buskers and Ezwan Rohman will be performing in the World Art Games this year in Croatia in June.

World Street Culture Under Attack from Lazy Government

What is the state of the art of Street Culture? Just when it was looking like street artists and buskers were enjoying an upsurge of public support and interest around the world it now becomes clear that the same issues successfully being resolved in cities such as London, York, Somerville, Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere are being inflamed by apparently repressive minded governments in places long thought of as street culture havens such as San Francisco, New York and Dublin.

One of the large issues that both sides are reluctant to debate but which lies at the heart of the street culture movement is quality of craft and where the best performers should perform. To address this issue bureaucrats have begun to mandate auditions for politicians.

Today a Vancouver publication ran an  editorial.  It is in The Province; http://blogs.theprovince.com “Governments should quit hassling buskers” In the piece the author asks what business is it of the government judging talent contest and deciding who can perform on their streets and who cannot. By the way, whose streets are these anyway? We agree in part with The Province that a way needs to be found for the free market of ideas should decide what people want to experience on their streets. For more insight on the Vancouver and Granville Island debacle taking place in READ The Tyee.

Dublin today is deciding on whether to adopt new rules and abandon the voluntary code of conduct currently in force.

  • Artists cannot use flames or objects such as knives, swords or axes
  • Performances must take place within 10 feet of the outer edge of a building
  • Musicians cannot use amps that are more than 15 watts
  • Drums are prohibited
  • No street performances allowed between 11pm and 11am, with the exception of Temple Bar and Grafton St where performances can continue until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays
  •  Punishments include a fine of €75 which can rise to €1,500 if not paid on time

It is now about 7pm in Dublin the laws as stated here will kill areas of good busking in Dublin, and impose a more artificially manipulated less vital culture.

St Louis is also about to enact a similar set of unworkable and lazy laws for the convenience of bureaucrats and the inconvenience of the people.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the busiest marketplace for shopping and entertainment in Kuala Lumpur they welcome street performers and musicians dancers and even a little be t of amplifications from time to time.

Busking at Bukit Bintang


BE on the look out for three local musicians who will be busking in KL’s busiest and popular shopping district as part of KakiSeni’s all-arts festival happening this week.

Organised by local music show powerhouse Moonshine, musicians Reza Salleh, Froya and Asmidar will be swooning pedestrians with their indie-pop acoustic tunes

Malaysia Rulers Busking for Votes


Natural entertainer: Dr Rais (left) and his wife Datin Seri Masnah Rais (second from left) clapping while watching street performer Musli Ramlee doing a routine. — Bernama

Promising street performers insurance and the governments help in raising their status to allow them to more easily make a living, Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, made the rounds walking the streets and talking to reporters.

He also let it be known that all the opposition parties would be allowed an entire 10 minutes for presenting their ideas to the people before election.

His generosity is over-flowing

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Kuala Lumpur Allows Performers to Busk

Imagine going to work everyday and having to worry about being rounded up by police and have all of your profits for the day confiscated by the police. Imagine your loved ones waiting at home for you to return with money for the nightly meal while you send the night in jail. Well that was the life of a street performer in Kuala Lumpur every time the Welfare Department decided to sweep the streets for homeless and  vagrants.

mahadzir abdul rahimmahadzir abdul rahim

The permit allows performing from 10am on Saturday until 3am on Sunday, at designated areas in the city, including Jalan Bukit Bintang, Lanai Seni, Sogo open area, Jalan Mahkamah Persekutuan walkways, Jalan Petaling and City Hall public parks.