Street News Highlights 10-12-15 – Asia Report

Street News Highlights 10-12-15 – Asia Report

Street News Highlights 10-12-15

City Planning in the news + a guitar phenom

Street News Highlights 10-12-15 Asia edition happy is pleased to feature two great Asian cities. Both are incorporating street culture into their official urban ambiance. Also we bring you a Tokyo virtuoso.

More platforms for buskers to perform –

Singapore is continuing to include street entertainment as a part of it’s…

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Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

Latest video uploads

Comedy, circus, music and all other forms of street entertainment buskers worth watching 05-01-15

Buskers worth watching 05-01-15 around the world

The places and people we can find a reference for, as well as the known and unknown.

London; Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

We start our in the UK. This first video is dynamite. Should be viral considering how good the performance.

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Eastern Street Singers in Videos Middle, Near and Far

Eastern Street Singers in Videos Middle, Near and Far

Eastern street performers preserving the past, creating the future –
The traditional ballads and rock songs of Japan, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and more  –

The eastern street is changing. Some of the more traditional styles are being replaced with Bollywood, Middle eastern POP music and so forth. So Street I am casts its roving street savvy eye eastward from time to time. It is our chance to see…

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Shamisen Street Music in Tokyo

Inokashira park, Kichijoji which is on the west side of Tokyo is the location of this street performance by some again unknown talented musicians playing the Shamisen.

The shamisen is an instrument from the 1500’s and is based on a Chinese stringed instrument of the same period known as a sanxian. The shamisen is made of wood and has a skin like a banjo made of dog, cat or recently of plastic.

 video by Rohan Gillett Rohan Gillett


Erhu player in a New York Subway Traditional Japanese instruments play Hip Hop beats in Tokyo

What is the world coming to anyway?

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