Trumpet Performance on the Amsterdam Harbor


You have heard of street performing and street busking. You have heard of street musicians and street music. Now, from some of the great minds of antiquity, come harbor music.

In this video an unknown performer of talent blows a trumpet sound off the water, that is unlike any other surface a trumpet sound can be blown off of. I wonder, what would other sounds be like off the sea water between the berths in Amsterdam. Street Performers like any business are looking for a new thing that is one of a kind that is enjoyable to experience.

If this waterway performer is successful will other performers create other wharf performance areas?  What about the canals of Venice?


As is the case every year the 2013 Carnival/Mardi Gras was celebrated enthusiastically all over the world.

NETHERLANDS Maastricht DichtbijMaastricht Dichtbij

Why are we so high on the Carnival and Mardi Gras festivals?

PARIS mos debmos deb

The Carnival season is the best example of individuals and organizations transforming the street and creating art and spectacle one by one and together through ritual, music,dance costumes parades, floats, art, food and countless other expressions of personal joy and organized art.

 MARTINIQUE CARIBBEAN Paul AssouviePaul Assouvie

We hope that the spirit of Carnival/Mardi Gras will carry forward and inspire people to create art, beauty and freedom on the street in their daily lives as well as group events large and small throughout the year throughout the world, transforming the street from merely a functional utility of transportation and shopping, into a perpetually changing and evolving medium reflecting the best in human public creative expression.

Venice Italycongaspotcongaspot

We hope you were able to take the opportunity to join in the fun in 2013. If not just check out these videos and see if you are inspired to take part in 2014