Mumbai Gets it’s Graffiti On, ST+Art Fest

Mumbai Gets it’s Graffiti On, ST+Art Fest

Street Art Frontiers
ST+Art Festival is the latest feature of city’s expanding street culture

Mumbai along with Delhi  and other areas is trying a lot of street culture on for size.  The effort also extends into the area of street performers as well

Street Art in Mumbai

mumbaiThe festival is taking place primarily in the neighborhood of Bandra and art district of Kala Ghoda. The festival started on…

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Hot new busker videos – International Street Stars

Hot new busker videos – International Street Stars

Hot new videos from some up and coming street entertainment professionals –
NEW TREND – More buskers creating their own YouTube channels –

Every week around Wednesday or so Street I Am gets curious and starts looking for hot new busker videos that we have not seen before. We especially look for videos released within the last week or so, Seems like a lot of times when we do this, a theme emerges.…

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Mumbai To Get Its Own Culture Street


Mumbai To Get Its Own Culture Street

Exerpt from Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 21 — If, on a stroll between Flora fountain and Horniman Circle, you happen to step off the curb and into an impromptu concert or a mobile art exhibition, don’t be surprised. The state government is planning to declare the historical area a ‘culture zone’.

Cultural programs, art shows, even band nights will be planned for the evenings at south Mumbai’s business district, and vehicles may be prohibited from entering the roads during designated hours.

“This stretch has a rich heritage and is vibrant. We can hold regular cultural festivals along with musical and dance programs after office hours,” said Mumbai’s city guardian minister Jayant Patil. “Vehicles can be kept out at that time, throwing the space open