International St. Patricks Day Parade 03/03/15 updates

International St. Patricks Day Parade 03/03/15 updates

De Blasio calls for ‘inclusive’ St. Patrick’s Day parade

De Blasio marches in the St. Pats’ for All parade. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) At the St. Pat’s for All parade in Sunnyside on Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was still waiting for more information about the inclusiveness of the main St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Preparations Stalled…

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Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Your Top 11 YouTube favorites Thanksgiving Parade Nideos   ---

Your Top 11 most viewed videos on YouTube  –

Something to do on a Thanksgiving Day. What do you like to watch on the subject of parades. Your Top 11 answers that question.

 Your top number 1 viewed video on YouTube

    1. your top 11


      Macy’s Thanksgiving parade RickRoll

      Wow. I don’t even know how…

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Veterans Street Culture News This Year

Veterans Street Culture News This Year

Looking back through the year   —
 New Piece for Veterans today   —

The Beautiful Artwork Pictured Here Can Only Be Seen on Veterans Day    —

The Beautiful Artwork Pictured Here Can Only Be Seen on Veterans Day | Street Art Planet |

Throughout the year   —
VETERANS SFAC : Street Artists Program    —

VETERANS SFAC : Street Artists Program | Street Art Planet | Scoop.itThis is a program the allows street artists and veterans to work together for mutual benefit.

Move over Banksy, street artists at Kandahar AB (37 HQ Photos)

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Mardi Gras and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans 2013

The two best known festivals of carnival season celebrate the feasting before Lent.

Louisianajannatha kjannatha k




As is the case every year the 2013 Carnival/Mardi Gras was celebrated enthusiastically all over the world.

NETHERLANDS Maastricht DichtbijMaastricht Dichtbij

Why are we so high on the Carnival and Mardi Gras festivals?

PARIS mos debmos deb

The Carnival season is the best example of individuals and organizations transforming the street and creating art and spectacle one by one and together through ritual, music,dance costumes parades, floats, art, food and countless other expressions of personal joy and organized art.

 MARTINIQUE CARIBBEAN Paul AssouviePaul Assouvie

We hope that the spirit of Carnival/Mardi Gras will carry forward and inspire people to create art, beauty and freedom on the street in their daily lives as well as group events large and small throughout the year throughout the world, transforming the street from merely a functional utility of transportation and shopping, into a perpetually changing and evolving medium reflecting the best in human public creative expression.

Venice Italycongaspotcongaspot

We hope you were able to take the opportunity to join in the fun in 2013. If not just check out these videos and see if you are inspired to take part in 2014



Pre Fat Tuesday Parades in New Orleans

Here are two vids that are a taste of what local groups big an small bring to the street during the Mardi Gras in New orleans

imsmelykatimsmelykat    video Lawn of the Dead

Terri WarrenTerri Warren    Bathtub Float Makes Big Splash

Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi 2013

IRio is not the only city in Brazil where Brazil where Carnaval is celebrated.It is also very popular in Sao Paulo as well. In the Tucuruvi District there is much activity at this season as you can see from this local videographers effort here.

 Bry RodriguesBry Rodrigues

2. Batalla de flores 2013 Carnaval de Barranquilla

In the town of Barranquilla in northern Colombia near the Caribbean Sea.they celebrate Carnaval.

This video from 2013 gives a little flavor of their energy.

 Pablo Rodriguez BlancoPablo Rodriguez Blanco