STREET STORY 10-09-15; Great urban outdoors

STREET STORY 10-09-15; Great urban outdoors


An urban street culture roundup

File our top STREET STORY 10-09-15 under the heading of back to the future. What happens when the experts use the power of government tell the people where the road will go and what they can do about it. Well in this case even though it took em 50 years the people closed the road and have a celebratory feast.

What Happens When 500 People…

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Worldwide Events Update 05-01-15

Worldwide Events Update 05-01-15

Worldwide Events Update 05-01-15

 Parades, Festivals, Street Fairs more…

Lots of street stuff this in this weekends Worldwide Events Update 05-01-15.

“American Idol’s” Rayvon Owen returns to Richmond today for parade

Worldwide Events Update 05-01-15MICHAEL BECKER/FOX It’s a hometown hero’s welcome for the former Richmonder who grew up singing in the Richmond Boys Choir and is now moving Jennifer Lopez to tears on the show.…

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International St. Patricks Day Parade 03/03/15 updates

International St. Patricks Day Parade 03/03/15 updates

De Blasio calls for ‘inclusive’ St. Patrick’s Day parade

De Blasio marches in the St. Pats’ for All parade. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) At the St. Pat’s for All parade in Sunnyside on Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was still waiting for more information about the inclusiveness of the main St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Preparations Stalled…

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Hands in the air. Don’t shoot! Survey

Hands in the air. Don’t shoot! Survey

Hands in the air. Don't shoot! Truth or Fiction...

Simple One Question Survey Hands in the air SURVEY - Damon-davis-ferguson

One of the biggest politically organized street events this year was Ferguson. The tragic death of Michael Brown spawned vigils, as well as peaceful and violent protests on streets throughout America. These events have affected everyone in the US and sparked…

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Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Your Top 11 YouTube favorites Thanksgiving Parade Nideos   ---

Your Top 11 most viewed videos on YouTube  –

Something to do on a Thanksgiving Day. What do you like to watch on the subject of parades. Your Top 11 answers that question.

 Your top number 1 viewed video on YouTube

    1. your top 11


      Macy’s Thanksgiving parade RickRoll

      Wow. I don’t even know how…

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Veterans Street Culture News This Year

Veterans Street Culture News This Year

Looking back through the year   —
 New Piece for Veterans today   —

The Beautiful Artwork Pictured Here Can Only Be Seen on Veterans Day    —

The Beautiful Artwork Pictured Here Can Only Be Seen on Veterans Day | Street Art Planet |

Throughout the year   —
VETERANS SFAC : Street Artists Program    —

VETERANS SFAC : Street Artists Program | Street Art Planet | Scoop.itThis is a program the allows street artists and veterans to work together for mutual benefit.

Move over Banksy, street artists at Kandahar AB (37 HQ Photos)

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Pink Panthers BluDog10003’s Pink Panther stickers have…

Pink Panthers

BluDog10003’s Pink Panther stickers have been popping up in reaction to an increase in anti-gay attacks in NYC. The original Pink Panthers Patrol of NYC was formed in the 1970’s and protected LGBT individuals from physical violence and defamation. (Soho, NYC)

More photos of BluDog10003’s work.