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Earlier this year a community of artists, musicians and concerned members of the public asked York City Council to rethink their policies towards street performers which had become unduly restrictive. Your support in signing the petition led to York Council making significant positive changes and led to an improvement in the relationship between buskers and the authorities.

Now Camden Borough Council are proposing to introduce one of the most restrictive pieces of busking legislation in the UK. It will empower council officials to seize musical instruments, to impose a fine of up to £1000, and to sell instruments if the fine is not paid within 28 days. It drastically threatens artistic and cultural freedoms in London and would set a dangerous precedent for other councils.

Would you please consider taking the time to sign this petition to protect the street performers of Camden? You have helped us make a real difference before and your support would be appreciated now!

The Facebook group of the campaign is

The campaign website is

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Jonny Walker
Founding Director of ASAP

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