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September 27, 2013 — Updated 1129 GMT (1929 HKT)
To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions of the beautiful, political, or just plain fun.<!-- --><br /><br />
</br>South African graffiti artist FALKO1 sent images of his striking work on walls in and around Cape Town. <!-- --><br /><br />
</br> To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions of the beautiful, political, or just plain fun.
South African graffiti artist FALKO1 sent images of his striking work on walls in and around Cape Town.
Cape Town, South Africa
  • African street art includes graffiti, inspiring murals, painted shop fronts
  • It provides an outlet for political voices and local culture
  • Cape Town is home to a thriving graffiti scene with a social message

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(CNN) — Street art has forever been a vibrant tool of personal expression manifesting in a variety of unique ways. In Africa it comes in the form of beautifully painted shop fronts, alternative methods of political campaigning and striking murals designed to inspire.

To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions

Camden Petition

Camden Borough Council: Don’t Banish the Buskers! Keep Streets Live in Camden

Camden Borough Council: Don't Banish the Buskers! Keep Streets Live in CamdenStreet culture in Camden is under imminent and real threat. Under plans being drawn up by Camden Council, Street Performers face a fine of up to £1000 for the ‘crime’ of busking without a license. Council officers will have the power to seize musical instruments and other equipment, the tools of a busker’s trade, and to sell them if the fine is not paid within 28 days.

They are currently conducting a public consultation on their proposals to introduce a draconian licensing scheme for busking. If this scheme is introduced, it will be one of the most restrictive busking policies in the entire United Kingdom. Buskers will have to pay an annual fee of up to £123 to perform on the streets. A presumption against the use of wind instruments (including flutes and recorders), as well as any form of percussion (No bongoes or bins) or amplification (regardless of volume level) will apply.

Artist Nathan Sharratt; Street Art For a Rainy Day

Art you can see when it rains.

This video of a rain drawing by Atlanta artist Nathan Sharratt using NeverWet, gives you a good idea how spraying a stencil on a sidewalk or other wet surface creates words and images that can only be seen when wet.Will we see a more of this in the rainy winter months?


Alysha Brilla with New CD New Video

Alysha Brilla a Canadian-Tanzanian singer-songwriter from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is a part time busker full time entertainer. She recently caught the attention of Pro Busker member and film maker Joan Navarra. Pro Buskers is a community for all Professional Buskers and those who like to discover new talent. They are dedicated to supporting buskers/street-performers from all over the world.

Alysha was performing in a night club in Barcelona when Joan caught her performance and suggested doing a video. They decided to do a song from her new CD “Alysha Brilla In My Head” which us her second CD so far

Alysha says of the video “I went to Spain and came back with this awesome music video for my song, “Nobody”. Check out the sights and sounds of Spain through my eyes and remember that you can pick up my album on Itunes!. The song has a distinctive African motif running through it with some of the song sung in Swahili and shows a simple and alluring songwriting style.

When Alysha is busking you can usually find her performing around the Toronto area. However if you would rather see her on a legitimate stage you can catch her at one of her upcoming gigs in September at TERRY FOX RUN! Sept 15 11:45 am and The Painted Lady 17th of Sept both venues are in Toronto.

Yarn Bomb on Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh

An amazing community public art project was completed as thousands of community residents in the Pittsburgh area created a yarn tapestry on the Warhol Bridge that spanned 3000 feet.


(AP/Gene J. Puskar)

1800 people knitted 580 yarn designs the size of a blanket and attached them end to end along the busy structure The whole project took 18 months to plan and execute. Volunteers worked throughout the weekend attaching the hand knitted panels to the bridge.

Photo from

Amanda Gross a Pittsburgh resident who became fascinated by the role bridges play in the life of the city of Pittsburgh came up with the idea. With the help of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and other local organizations the artists came up with a concept that is designed to give a new sense of vitality and appreciation to the practical structure.

Just as the bridge itself is practical so is the fabric used to knit the panels. Rather than use wool which absorbs water, is flammable and can be a home to pests Amanda and her team decided on acrylic yarn instead. The team of artists from .more than 80 Pittsburgh neighborhoods and 120 area townships worked with architects and engineers to create the knitted pieces allowing for wear, proper adhesion and weight.

There will be a community arts and crafts party on the bridge Aug. 25. The nations largest Yarn Bomb will stay in place till Sept. 6.


Venice Beach CA Hit Hard by Messed Up Driver

Venice Beach CA Hit Hard by Messed Up Driver

One of the Street Culture capitals of the world in Los Angeles CA was rocked badly on Saturday August 3rd by an apparently blood thirsty driver who drove his car at up to 60 miles an hour along the peaceful pedestrian walkway and into the crowd of people enjoying one of the most unique places in all the world where street culture meets everything else at the edge of the water.

11 people were injured and 1 person died in the private terrorist exercise of this deranged individual.

As of yet no motive for the attack is known.

Street Culture lives on and thankfully no more than a handful of folks were messed up by this act which could have been worse as there were over 100,000 people enjoying the beach when it occured.

We morn the loss of another innocent. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all affected.

AP Photo; copied from

Jonny Walker Publicly Questions Purple Flag Preparation in Liverpool

Buskers told ‘pack up or we’ll arrest you’
Liverpool Confidential
As he did in York, UK busker and advocate for busker street culture rights Jonny Walker, made a point in Liverpool during a ruling class type evaluation for a government certification known as the Purple Flag. This badge of distiction is bestowed on fortunate communities by the Association of Town Centre Managers (ATCM). This is a consortium of property development concerns under the direction of their government partners.
src=”” alt=”Jonny Wa;ker” />

BUSKERS in Liverpool were threatened with arrest by police as top town-centre award judges made a flying visit during Light Night, it has been claimed.

Daniel Taylor’s insight:
Jonny Walker pushes buttons in Liverpool

#Lynwood Boasts #Buskers

The Lynnwood Shopping Center on Highway 99 appears to be your typical shopping complex – a source for groceries, electronics, books and more. However, those who shop there regularly know a delightful secret: It is also a hub of local street musicians.

A handful of musicians perform there regularly, from singers to players of banjos and xylophones, according to… READ MORE

#TimesSquare #Yoga #NYC Style

At the 11th Solstice at Times Square event Friday, thousands upon thousands of yoga enthusiasts are descending upon one of the world’s busiest commercial intersections to celebrate the first day of summer with a peace-seeking dose of yoga.

Aptly dubbed “Mind Over Madness” yoga, the organizers of this year’s Solstice at Times Square event say….