Ferguson Street Art tells the true story

Ferguson Street Art tells the true story

The Street Art Story Surpasses the Media’s   —
Can Ferguson Street Art Bend it Like Brooklyn  –

Will Ferguson street art help lift this neighborhood, as street art has in places like Brooklyn? If the street art could speak it looks like it wants the answer to be yes I can.

Artists and community rebuild and reflect

The latest Ferguson street art seems to indicate that the main stream press’s…

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Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Top 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Parade Videos

Your Top 11 YouTube favorites Thanksgiving Parade Nideos   ---

Your Top 11 most viewed videos on YouTube  –

Something to do on a Thanksgiving Day. What do you like to watch on the subject of parades. Your Top 11 answers that question.

 Your top number 1 viewed video on YouTube

    1. your top 11


      Macy’s Thanksgiving parade RickRoll

      Wow. I don’t even know how…

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Civil Rights Goes Beyond Innocence in Ferguson

Civil Rights Goes Beyond Innocence in Ferguson

Ferguson Street Art by Damon Davis
The mash up of art, evidence and civil rights in Ferguson

Damon Davis is inspired by the cause of Civil Rights. The current outstanding work of Damon Davis expresses an outrage stemming from the widely assumed Ferguson storyline. Hands up. Don’t shoot.

Inspiring art by Damon Davis

Today we found this article on the artist that has been creating awareness art in…

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Dubai to create Worlds Longest Graffiti Wall

Dubai to create Worlds Longest Graffiti Wall

2 Days to set Guinness World Record   —
7,000 spray paint containers to be used  –

Are you busy this weekend? Fond of spray painting walls? Well if that is who you are, then get your passport in order and head on over to Dubai.

UAE and Dubai, make street art part of a PR message to the West

The UAE has been mounting  a PR campaign to broaden its alliance both culturally and militarily with the…

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Mumbai Gets it’s Graffiti On, ST+Art Fest

Mumbai Gets it’s Graffiti On, ST+Art Fest

Street Art Frontiers
ST+Art Festival is the latest feature of city’s expanding street culture

Mumbai along with Delhi  and other areas is trying a lot of street culture on for size.  The effort also extends into the area of street performers as well

Street Art in Mumbai

mumbaiThe festival is taking place primarily in the neighborhood of Bandra and art district of Kala Ghoda. The festival started on…

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Grant, Unleashed – CD by You Bred Raptors?

Grant, Unleashed – CD by You Bred Raptors?

New CD Grant; Redefining the song   —
 You Bred Raptors; How to challenge music without over taxing the muse  –

If you want to hear original songwriters plying their craft in the Big Apple, you need to go past Tin Pan Alley and head underground. You Bred Raptors plays down there along with other outstanding, unique NYC musical talents. Their original flavor as heard in their new release “Grant”,…

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Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Serious fun with Margaret   —
One man band is fun and great – Obama net is just serious   –

A lot of heart and soul on the busking side from Margaret Cho today.  An outstanding one man band from another street gets some props too. Meanwhile, street culture coverage of busking on our net, may become a matter of government discretion soon. But don’t worry. Obama says everything is gonna be alright.

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You Bred Raptors? Fearless Fresh Interview

You Bred Raptors? Fearless Fresh Interview

You Bred Raptors?

You Bred Raptors? New CD “Grant”
Exclusive interview with composer and 8 string bassist Peat Rains

You Bred Raptors? is just another reason why the NYC subway has been elevated to status above being a mere transportation artery. This video is a live performance of “Hazmat” a song from their new CD Titled “Grant”


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