How To Turn Your Bus Stop Into Art


A cultural bus stop activation is a days-long temporary transformation of a mundane transit stop into an exciting place filled with amenities and cultural programming. Nimbly connecting neighborhood institutions to transit reminds residents of the community’s assets. Temporary installations are quick, can be lent for free and

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Censorship; street art & busking, USA to China

Censorship; street art & busking, USA to China

PC challenge to human rights   —
Authoritarian Censorship versus pursuit of happiness   —

Censorship of street art because of PC concerns is on the rise.  And street art is not the only street craft under attack in the world. Busking is also a target of authoritarian regimes who weaponize government against opposing human interests.

CENSORSHIP REPORT PAGE, STREET ART PLANET  - Thought Police Worldwide | Street Art Planet |

People in Australia wanted this picture removed because of the…

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