Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Street art politics in the news   —

Two stories of creation and destruction of street art in Hong Kong and Lafayette. Played out for two different reasons.. But the questions being raised are the same.

Commentary ; Focus on culture and government  –

Everyone in Hong Kong China and Lafayette Indiana, asks, whose culture is it and who decides? Street art once again appears along vital social fault…

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Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Not your fathers street preacher   —
New Christian pop Up churches feature music, theater and debate  –

Jesus’s teaching of the “Golden Rule” has influenced Christian thought and our laws pertaining to the rights of man. It has led to laws based a citizen’s ability to live according to another man’s law while having the right to debate the law. Even to join with others and act to change the law.…

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Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah busks for the cred
What is the next phase of big name busking

As we predicted at the beginning of this year, big names would take to the streets.

2014 New Year Street Culture Predictions – Street up

January 2, 2014 by

Erykah has become one of the latest in a series of wel,l and extremely well known artist,s who have taken to the streets lately.


When Erykah Badu decided…

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Kobani Syria and Street Art in Beriut

Kobani Syria and Street Art in Beriut

Kobani to Beirut and ISIS culture war   —
ISIS – A controversial contribution to culture  –

Why is the battle for at Kobani in Syria, considered so important to so many? Partly because the Kurdish culture is in opposition theoretically to that of the ISIS, or ISIL  (if you prefer) theocracy. Also of course, because the Kurds are the only culture in the area with a military strong enough to delay…

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10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

Barriers to street culture easing world wide

Three stories on how street culture, including busking and street art on three different fronts are making historic progress.

Ruling class vs servant class – 10-16-14

In Detroit there is a fight over who should dictate the aesthetics of the city. Apparently the Mayor who is a Democrat believes the government should…

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10-15-14-Top Stories – Street info & Entertainment

10-15-14-Top Stories – Street info & Entertainment

10-15-14-Top Stories   —
NYC & Vegas street art – Indonesia’s ancient graffiti  –

We have the latest breaking news from the prehistoric past and some recent news that is only a couple of days old in today’s 10-15-14-Top Stories. –

NYC Interactive Street Art, Graffiti is first human art and Las Vegas Art Trail  –

These are our featured 10-15-14-Top Stories. The interactive street art from NYC…

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