Las Vegas: Downtown street culture vs Strip gloss

Las Vegas: Downtown street culture vs Strip gloss

Downtown Las Vegas taking off street first   —
New visitors being treated to evolving street entertainment makeover  –

When it began it was viewed by many as an impossible dream. To think that Downtown Las Vegas, the real Las Vegas, could compete with the world famous strip. The World famous strip is located outside the city limits. It simply seemed unrealistic. las vegas Masers MASERHOTEL Installation- Image via Street Art NewsBut this month has witnessed the…

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Permitting do it yourself public entertainment

Permitting do it yourself public entertainment

Permitting Culture

Permitting the streets when and how —
Riverside Halloween House light show and Dublin, force evolving public use laws  –

When is permitting individual and community public expression important. Should the simple act of seeking public attention individually, or through informal participation among friends and neighbors, require a permit for safety, noise or other purposes?

Do it…

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Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong Street art Challenge

Calling all street artists   —
Invader, Banksy others, so far remain silent —

The landscape of freedom may be shrinking before our eyes as the street artists of Hong Kong increasingly find themselves alone. Their actions constitute a Hong Kong street art challenge. What our answer is, will forever define our generation.

New video shows spirit and talent of Hong Kongs…

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Street Art 10-28-14, RT J2, Krog Tunnel, Paris

Street Art 10-28-14, RT J2, Krog Tunnel, Paris

Street Art 10-28-14

Creative marketing and community rights

Street Art 10-28-14 is about 2 stories raising the question of street art’s role in community building and sustenance. The other is the increasing use of street art in pop culture promotions

Run The Jewels Launch ‘Tag the Jewels’ Street Art Project In Support Of ‘RTJ2′ [PHOTOS]

Street Art 10-28-14 Run The Jewels Launch 'Tag the Jewels' Street Art Project In Support Of 'RTJ2' [PHOTOS] | Street Art Planet |

From Today, 9:02 AM


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Busking 10-27-14; China, Decemberists, Bebop

Busking 10-27-14; China, Decemberists, Bebop

 Busking 10-27-14
New Shanghai culture law, Hong Kong watching   —
Streets entertainment shining brighter in NY and Korea  –

The Busking 10-27-14 report goes to China, Korea and Brooklyn. The last story about the girl band from Korea will be mentioned first because this band is so good. The second  Busking 10-27-14 story is the about the Decemberists. They are currently adding their pedigree to…

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US NATO street art connection Baghdad Kabul

US NATO street art connection Baghdad Kabul

Courageous Shamsia Hassani,  Afghani female street artist
Iraq street art dead Afghanistan street art on life support

It is impossible to know what Shamsia Hassani would e doing now if NATO were not guarding Kabul. It is impossible to know what has become of the artists of Baghdad as well.

Afghanistan street artist makes news

A bold street artist is getting her artwork noticed in the mainstream…

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Ebola Street Art – Serious Africa, Silly Hanksy

Ebola Street Art – Serious Africa, Silly Hanksy

Public art Messages from Liberia
Ebola Street art fun from the West

In West Africa, the Ebola street art is deadly serious. It has emerged to spread information to the people. In the West, the Ebola street art is far more whimsical.

Ebola street art spreads a message of protection in West Africa

Will the rest of the world soon be seeing the kinds of Ebola street art enjoyed by the people of …

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Park Taggers Vandalizing Creation

Park Taggers Vandalizing Creation

2 main taggers sought   —
Yosemite National Park and other creation masterpieces hit  –

When an artist creates, they communicate something that can only be understood through the piece when viewed as the artist intended. When someone comes along and places something into the work, it’s meaning can be lost forever. With restoration that meaning can still be  communicated.

Tagging Comes to National…

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GLA Benefit Protesters Erase Krog Tunnel Graffiti

GLA Benefit Protesters Erase Krog Tunnel Graffiti

G.L.A. silence raises questions   —

The Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, or GLA, did not organize the event promising  a Halloween party in a popular graffiti tunnel in Atlanta.  The organizers, of the Krog Masquerade, only state on their site, that they will donate an undisclosed amount of money, raised through ticket sales to the organization. 

The questions involved in removing the graffiti…

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