Bath Abbey buskers clergy clash

Bath Abbey buskers clergy clash

Spirit of sharing sought in Bath Abbey  –
What the world needs now  —

Does the Creator and the Creation continue to be revealed more fully over time in places like the Bath Abbey? This is probably best left to an article in another publication yet the future of street culture is in the mix here so we who believe in a better culture through street should pay attention.barh-abbeyI am relegated to write at…

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Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

Denmantau – Busking Hamburg to Los Angeles

German street musicians hit the beach   —
Denmantau – A sophisticated musical joyride   —

Denmantau has as their ultimate goal, to be the first band to perform on the moon. denmantauDenmantau rocks with velocity. Their musical power may very well be enough to propel them there. But have they considered what the working conditions might be for the first USO type show on the moon. The show likely would be…

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Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

SETV is Street Entertainment TV
Street I Am will search LA till Christmas   –
Denmantau, Seis Cuerdas and Juggler Pablo Paniagua   among the best LA buskers   –

We search to find the best LA buskers. We are at the beach lately because quite frankly, it is too hot to be anywhere else. SETV started out in Hollywood but was disappointed overall when we went to shoot the street. Our beach excursions…

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