Oisin Charms Leaving #Dublin for #Galway

Oisin Charms is heading out to perform in Galway as the city proceeds to consider a law banning circus type acts that involve fire,and knives. Music lovers will be interested to know that a significant number of Dublin Councillors also want to deny drums and amplification beyond the capacity of one 15 watt amp. Who are these people?

Oisin has been performing and advocating for reasonable busking regulations which would address the issues of safety and noise in Dublin. He is quoted in the http://www.herald.ie when asked about the proposed new laws, as saying that the restrictive measures were a disgrace.

“It is a good thing I’m moving to Galway. Buskers are the face of Dublin – if there is no face of Dublin, the city loses its character,” he said.

“If you are a tourist, you get a good experience when you come to Ireland.”

But he agreed that there needed to be some sort of control on aspects of the acts.

“I think there should be regulations on the noise,” he said.

“We try to be respectful and we don’t play music, we just have a microphone that is amplifying our voice.

“When it comes to the fire and knives, most of us have public liability insurance.

“I’ve never had any problems (with knives or fire). And buskers around the world, I don’t think there have been any major problems.

“It just gets too politically correct. I think that a city where there is a lot of performing, that shows the country is free.”

The good news is that you can now see Oisin Charms in Galway and that is just down the road as they say. Good score Galway.

As for Dublin it now looks to find a champion to bring reason to the good council of Dublin and allow this great city  the opportunity to rise to its full street culture potential and continue its modern legacy as a world street culture leader.

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