Dublin Council to Meet on Wed; New Busking Laws

Who is; Email: mannix.flynn@dublincity.ie no one in particular asked?He is just the guy that the City of Dublin rolled out to defend the recent movement within their ranks to outlaw some of the most distinctive forms of street performance that Dublin has become world-famous for. The council could not however feed him any information about the statistics for safety surrounding such things as knife or fire juggling. That is because the safety record of such performances is pretty damn good.Yet this issue is of vital importance to the council.

Mannix Flynn says he stands for equity on community resources, noise control measures and fair licensing laws. So that means he feels comfortable on the subject of noise control and the strict one 15watt amp per performance space law being proposed in Dublin. Street I Am asks; Has Mannix Flynn gone into the neighborhoods and taken a noise level reader and measured some db’s out there in the city to verify that this seemingly arbitrary 15watt amp rule has any validity.

Has it occurred to the lawmakers of Dublin that there are neighborhoods that at certain hours would welcome more amplification and/or feats of daring with swords and fire and others which may want none? Well.

The Dublin Council will consider this on Wed so it you care, be there if not then you can still go to Galway.

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