Performer Politics Portends Precarious Precedents

St Louis is the latest city with politicians who want to be talent judges of the masses charged with the responsibility to decide, who will be able to perform on the oh so important city streets,  which is their charge.

Five hours ago the Editorial Board of the St Louis Post Dispatch online edition published am article addressing the apparent need of St. Louis Streets Department administrator Mike Hulsey to judge the eligibility of any busker that desires to be St Louis Permit worthy. Read Article

external image 3D-Movies.jpgBut the same thing goes on in other cities as well, New York City, London UK, Australia New Zealand, Malaysia, all over. At this early stage of the intensified interest in Street Culture, it would be preposterous to to assume that this current crop of politicians wants to control the politics of the messages of street artists. But what if one of them did and had the power to do it? Setting the precedent now will create the future that a free street needs in order to survive. Unfortunately there is no way to keep a politician from telling you what is bad once you have given them the power to tell you what is good.

The street can be a wild place sometimes so keep it safe out there.



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