Why street art is the best?

Street art is the best because it is the most practical and useful art that can be made and therefore has the most value. Street art allows me, the person in my city or community, to be in an environment of creativity and expression. And best of all we the people in our environment get to say what we want to create in our communities. The art critics in LA and NY continue to bid for the artwork that furthers the interests and excesses of the ruling class. The street artist creates and communicates to the people in their daily lives. Pinned ImageBecause of street art, now when you go to the store the movie, the bank, the average person is able if they wish, through the creative manipulation of their environment can participate in their own world of art.. If we like a piece on a wall city meter cover or a residential or commercial building, we take a picture and we pass it around on blogs and websites and phones. The pieces we like get passed around the world. We learn the names of the artists and where they are from and create a market and a demand for people to bid on their work and pay them to put stuff on walls and bridges and everywhere.

In this way the people who could not afford the art of the ruling class now have art that is every bit as good and so much more functional. And this art and photography ends up in the galleries of the ruling class. In this way the people engage at the table of conversation of the ruling class and open up the ruling class clubhouse to the families and friends that make life happen.Street I Am is about finding the artists and places that are actively pursuing free cultural expression in public view, identifying and publishing our favorites and creating forums on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr athat soon innd others. to share their art with us. We don’t see why in most communities a business that wants their wall or facade painted or decorated will create more value when they look to artists in the community and encourage expression from the community artists and contractors wil do well tol incorporate software to learn to work together on designs to incorporate into their painting and decorating projects.Would you consider living paying a little but more to live in a community that celebrates its own culture? Would a community so we to encourage businesses to help to fund projects of good artists who wish to be able to make a living. There is a lot of room for a lot of art and there are artists looking to post all the time.

In the world of the creative expressive future where infinite variety is encouraged in the best communities, there will be graffiti walls for newbies to display their stuff for photographers to photograph and collect and share. The city will issue  permits for all government property where possible or not otherwise inappropriate.   we will re define vandalism Pinned Image


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