Ebola Street Art – Serious Africa, Silly Hanksy

Ebola Street Art – Serious Africa, Silly Hanksy

Public art Messages from Liberia Ebola Street art fun from the West

In West Africa, the Ebola street art is deadly serious. It has emerged to spread information to the people. In the West, the Ebola street art is far more whimsical.

Ebola street art spreads a message of protection in West Africa

Will the rest of the world soon be seeing the kinds of Ebola street art enjoyed by the people of …

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Park Taggers Vandalizing Creation

Park Taggers Vandalizing Creation

2 main taggers sought   — Yosemite National Park and other creation masterpieces hit  –

When an artist creates, they communicate something that can only be understood through the piece when viewed as the artist intended. When someone comes along and places something into the work, it’s meaning can be lost forever. With restoration that meaning can still be  communicated.

Tagging Comes to National…

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GLA Benefit Protesters Erase Krog Tunnel Graffiti

GLA Benefit Protesters Erase Krog Tunnel Graffiti

G.L.A. silence raises questions   —

The Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, or GLA, did not organize the event promising  a Halloween party in a popular graffiti tunnel in Atlanta.  The organizers, of the Krog Masquerade, only state on their site, that they will donate an undisclosed amount of money, raised through ticket sales to the organization. 

The questions involved in removing the graffiti…

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Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Street art politics in the news   —

Two stories of creation and destruction of street art in Hong Kong and Lafayette. Played out for two different reasons.. But the questions being raised are the same.

Commentary ; Focus on culture and government  –

Everyone in Hong Kong China and Lafayette Indiana, asks, whose culture is it and who decides? Street art once again appears along vital social fault…

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Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Christian buskers conduct POP up Church

Not your fathers street preacher   — New Christian pop Up churches feature music, theater and debate  –

Jesus’s teaching of the “Golden Rule” has influenced Christian thought and our laws pertaining to the rights of man. It has led to laws based a citizen’s ability to live according to another man’s law while having the right to debate the law. Even to join with others and act to change the law.…

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Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah busks for the cred What is the next phase of big name busking

As we predicted at the beginning of this year, big names would take to the streets.

2014 New Year Street Culture Predictions – Street up

January 2, 2014 by

Erykah has become one of the latest in a series of wel,l and extremely well known artist,s who have taken to the streets lately.


When Erykah Badu decided…

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