HitchBot; Tech Street Art Sculpture smashed

HitchBot; Tech Street Art Sculpture smashed

Hitchbot in U.S. Foul play or accident –

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the disappearance of the hitchhiking robotic social experiment named HitchBOT? Maybe someone was mean to the cuddly, wired little automaton. Or perhaps someone accidentally ran over him, as they pulled over to the dark side of the road to get a bite to eat?

Hitchhiking robot’s cross-country trip…

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Pro Lifers rally in 50 U.S. Cities Today

Pro Lifers rally in 50 U.S. Cities Today

Protesters say unborn must be protected Pro-Life Power Shown in Rallies Across Americapro-life-rally-07-28-15  Rally Videos
    1. Women Betrayed Rally in Concord on July 28, 2015

by Tony Schinella Prolife activists and others held a rally at the Statehouse on July 28, 2015, as part of the national Women Betrayed rallies in the …

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Lucifer Statue Challenges U.S. Civic Art Laws

Lucifer Statue Challenges U.S. Civic Art Laws

Lucifer Statue vs Ten Commandments  –

The Detroit Satanic Temple is pursuing legal action. They want to put the Lucifer statue on Arkansas State Capitol grounds, next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. The temple wants equality because Lucifer is in the Bible too. – Satanic Temple unveils goat-headed statue in Detroit.detroit- lucifer statue

The Lucifer Statue politics and public space

As you might suspect, the…

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U.S. may own Nuclear Arms Race: Iran Deal

U.S. may own Nuclear Arms Race: Iran Deal

An existential decision for U.S. & Global human rights –

A nuclear and ballistic missile arms race, either as a result of actual, or perceived deficiencies in the Obama, U.N., Iran deal, is already underway many. experts observe. If true, there is no telling who will write the history of this U.S. generation’s moment. If passage or defeat leads to proliferation, history will likely be written by…

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